Monday, October 06, 2008

my other blog

So i have start a blog for my photography hope you like it...

i hope to keep both a little more up to date:

Monday, September 01, 2008


also if i know you and you are reading this and you have a blog please leave its address in the comments.

Things I think about when uploading pictures...

So currently my computer is humming away as I uploading pictures on to my Facebook account. And with the extra time I decided to update my blog. I know I have said this a millions times already but I have a new found commitment to keep my blog updated. I will also make endeavors to put pictures on it too.

I have spent the last few days with family I haven't seen for ages (some almost ten years) and I have learned yet again that I have a pretty awesome family. Even after ten years of having very little contact and even after maybe forgetting a few names we still all just love the heck out of each other.

A loving family is pretty much the best thing for a person to keep them grounded. I rarely visit home (my bad) and it has just been very refreshing. I also have focused a little more on a few priorities I may have forgotten about too. NEedless to say I am going back to my townhouse in Logan feeling inspired.

On a side note here are a few things I ponder when I get bored:
-How crazy does JK Rowling have to be to write these books.... I love em but WOW!!!
-Why is it that people talk louder when they think their audience isn't understanding them?
-What makes a person decided they want to run a marathon? It's 26.2 miles!!! In one day!!!

This concludes my rant.

PS Facebook didn't upload my pictures this whole time....

Friday, May 23, 2008


i burned my foot real bad....

end of story

a picture is worth a thousand words

Monday, April 28, 2008

Humpty Dumpty sat on a swing....

Well... This post is evidence that I am pretty much the most awesome person in the world at falling. So on Sunday, April 27th, around 2pm in the afternoon I decide to go to Erika's house to soak up some sun and just relax. Prior to my arrival she asks me if I want to have a life changing experience. And of course I said yes! I mean seriously who doesn't want one of those... Needless to say my life was changed.

After a good hour of sun soaking we decided it was time to change my life. So we call our buddy Whit and me, Erika, and shellie head off to meet Whit out in Mendon. Once we meet Whit we head off in his 1970's Lincoln to a surprise place for an experience that will change my life.

At last we arrive at the surprise!!! It is a giant rope swing! VERY FUN!!!! I have a fear of heights but being the tough guy I am I suck it up and hop on the swing. It has a place to sit on it so its not a big deal the only real difficult part was not letting your feet drag and that was easy.

Then the pride showed up...

Whit decided he didn't want to use the seat for his bum, but instead for his feet. He successfully accomplished this with what appeared to be minimal effort. SO I decide to have a go at it. During my first attempt my shorts some how get caught in the carrabeaner which the seat is attached to and every time i lift my legs to put them on the seat the seat raises up also. Making it impossible for me to successfully complete my goal.

Second attempt....

So with torn shorts I walk up to the jumping off point filled with pride and determination, knowing that I will ride it out this time with no problem.... pride cometh before the fall.... I get an extra good grip and jumped off with rope swing in hand.

The following occurred all with in about six seconds:

Seconds after jumping I realize that my feet are about to drag through the water... SPLASH... so one wet foot not too bad. Then while I was think about my now wet foot I come to realize that the drag from the now wet foot has helped to loosen my grip on the rope. My left hand of its own free will decides to let go of the rope... for this I am now no longer talking to my left hand. Which then puts the full weight of my slim 225 lbs. frame on the grip of the right hand. MY right hand being the smart hand that he is knows better and also bails out.

Take note this whole time I am unsuccessfully attempting to get my feet on the stupid seat... which by the way never happened

With no support from my feet and two hands not holding the rope my body falls to the ground. Right shoulder hits first... it still hurts... and the rest of me follows. Now, don't worry to save face I hop right back up acting like nothing happened. Whit has turned three shades of red from trying to hold laughter in and the girls run over from the small swing to see has happened. I grab the swing shake off some dirt and head back up to try again. My pride was running the show... until....

SPLASH!!! I forget to look where I am walking and I look down to discover I am ankle deep in a stream that is only a foot wide. Thankfully, the hill is all loose dirt and I fell twice trying to get up to the top. This then set my pride packin and prevented me from completely killing myself on a third attempt.

I was covered in dirt/mud, bruised, and embarrassed. I laughed at myself. One because crying would have been pathetic and two it was the funniest thing I have ever done!!!

Needless to say the rope swing and I will meet again and I will be victorious!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sorry bout the DELAY... Heros

I have been informed in a subtle fashion by my sister that I haven't been updating my blog.... at all. And yes it's true I have been neglecting my efforts as a blogger and for that I am sorry!

So today I went to lunch with Erika and she asked me who my hero was. I mentioned three people my dad, my grandpa, and Joseph Smith Jr. In my opinion some good role models.

The one thing that I have found most important about each of these men is that because of their faith in God my life has been changed for the better. I now find myself asking if those who follow me will view me as a hero because of my faith. That I think is one of my new goals.

Not to be a hero, but to increase my faith so that I can be blessed with the chance to help others.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oprah was right...

K, so I am waiting to for a friend to get ready for a dance so I decided to do a quick post!!!

I have purchased myself a new book. I first hear dabout this book from Oprah. Now don't judge me it's not like I wach her show every weekday at 4pm when I get off work it was just a coincidence thats all. Anywho, she has mentioned a book called The Secret and it is about getting the universe to work in your favor.

Now, a first glance one would think this a book for wierdos... but on the contrary Oprah was right! I have only been reading for a day now so I am not by any means close to finishing the book. However, this book talks mainly about keeping positive mentally.

It deals with the law of attraction. The law of attraction essentially states that you attract and become what is in your mind.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, "A man is what he thinks about all day."

The basis of The Secret is that you can visiualize success in your life and will happen. Now, its not all work free, but anyways good book. I look forward to finishing this book...

Props to you Oprah...